Due to unfavorable weather conditions, we will experience delays in the delivery of the shipments picked up and delivered to Republic of Moldova.


General Conditions Regarding The Provision Of Postal Services


”FAN TRANSPORTATION” S.R.L. (hereinafter – FAN Courier), offers and provides fast courier services, in a “door-to-door” regime, having as object shipments (envelopes and parcels) domestic and international (will follow), under the following conditions:

FAN Courier accepts only postal dispatches packaged and duly labeled by the sender according to the item being sent, with an opaque outer cover that does not allow the contents to be viewed and has the full identification data of the recipient (first and last name/ name in the case of legal entities, the full address of delivery, telephone) and of the sender, as well as a detailed description of its contents.

By delivering the dispatches to the FAN agent/staff, the dispatcher agrees on the terms and conditions of FAN Courier, inclusive the commercial offer ”FAN TRANSPORTATION” S.R.L., whether it signs or not the transport document (AWB).

The dispatcher is liable for the correctness of the data written on the postal dispatch and its appropriate packaging and labeling.


Weight and dimensions conditions:

Envelopes Parcels
  • 210mm X 297mm (A4 format)
  • maximum 1kg
  • 60cm X 50cm X 30cm
  • maximum 30kg

Packaging conditions

To be approved in FAN Courier network, the envelopes and parcels must fulfill the conditions stipulated in the Packaging Guide, presented on the website, considering the following important packaging conditions:

  • Must be sealed by the dispatcher in an intact and opaque package, which does not allow the view of the content and must meet the conditions for weight, form and nature of the content and the mode and length of the transport;
  • The packaging must protect the content, so it cannot be damaged by pressure or successive handlings and it can be of: carton boxes, plywood, wood, plastic, metal, non-typified packages;
  • Comply with the packaging instructions below (and the particulars specified in the service contract), namely:
Product category Product type Proper packaging
Brittle goods Glassware Wooden packaging filled with polystyrene or other protective material
Windshields / Windows Wooden packaging filled with polystyrene or other protective material
Bottles / Liquids bottled in glass Special compartmentalized wooden packaging, filled with polystyrene or other protective material
Paintings / Engravings Wooden packaging filled with polystyrene or other protective material
Fragile goods Auto parts Pressed cardboard packaging, filled with polystyrene or other protective material
Home appliances Pressed cardboard packaging, filled with polystyrene or other protective material
Floppy disks / Tapes / CDs Cardboard or plastic packaging
Furniture / Furniture parts / Musical instruments Pressed cardboard packaging filled with polystyrene and sealed with protective foil

The postal dispatches which contain fragile goods must be packed appropriately by the dispatcher, using bubble wrap as padding, shockproof polystyrene or other material which attenuates the mechanical shock and to have the “Fragile” inscription applied. FAN Courier SRL is obliged to recognize and abide by the inscriptions/labels applied by the dispatcher and to grant a special attention in the handling and storage of the dispatches in question.

All the postal dispatches are handed over sealed.

FAN Courier is not liable for the eventual total or partial losses, damages, damages provoked to the people, environment, used installations or other goods, provoked by hidden vices by packaging.

The postal dispatches must not contain:

  • Goods through which their nature or packaging mode can cause damage to people, environment, used installations or other goods;
  • Packages which have writings which contravene public order or good behavior, respectively goods which contravene public order or good behavior, if they are delivered unpacked or in transparent package;
  • Goods for which the transport is forbidden by legal dispositions, either only for a part of the road: guns, ammunitions, drugs, explosive/toxic/flammable material;
  • Goods for which there are special transport conditions, through legal, administrative, economical, sanitary, veterinary, phytosanitary dispositions: art works, antiquities, gold, silver, jewelry, perishable goods, living animals etc.

FAN Courier refuses to take over postal dispatches which contain the goods described previously and postal dispatches which do not abide by the FAN TRANSPORTATION S.R.L. packaging conditions.

From this conditions respectively the maximum accepted limits, it can be derogated only through concluded commercial contracts, in written form, between sender/integrator and FAN COURIER S.R.L. or between recipient and FAN COURIER S.R.L., based on negotiable individual offers (supplementing the public offer).

”FAN TRANSPORTATION” S.R.L. provides the reimbursement service, a postal service which particularity consists in the payment by the receiver to the sender, through the postal network, of the value of the item which is the subject of registered domestic or international dispatch. These postal dispatches are only accepted if the sender has correctly and completely indicated all his identification data.

Payment of money to the sender in the case of reimbursement service involving domestic postal dispatches is made both in cash and in a bank account, without imposing a refund limit being.

The deadline for returning the equivalent of domestic postal dispatches to the sender (amounts collected from the recipient) is between 24-48 hours (calculated for working days) from the time of delivery.

The sending customer can obtain the Confirmation of the delivery of the envelope / package by accessing the personal account from the Courier Manager platform.

The delivery of the postal dispatch is made at the address specified by the dispatcher, personally towards the receiver or the person authorized to receive the postal dispatch at the contact point served by staff, personally by the receiver or the person authorized to receive the postal dispatch, after the prior transmission of an advice which announces the postal dispatch or an automatic delivery system.

The delivery of the shipment is done by FAN Courier couriers:

  • up to date – the address indicated by the sender;
  • will follow – from FAN Courier access points (offices).

When they are taken over, they will be weighted, measured and the weight taken into consideration will be the biggest one between the physical one and the volumetric one.

The calculation formula for the volumetric weight is length x width x height/6000 cm.

In the FAN warehouse they will be sorted/weighted by the weighting belt, and the differences found may be re-invoiced in accordance with the contractual clauses.

Each access point and contact as well as the FAN Courier’s staff who collects postal dispatches from the dispatcher’s address holds appropriate measurement instruments (homologated and metrological certified balance).

FAN Courier will not use handling methods of the postal dispatches which, by the activity of its employees or external factors can alter, damage the postal dispatch or its content throughout the period when it holds the postal dispatches.

Also, FAN Courier does not condition the provision of the postal services by the opening of the postal dispatch, will not open the sealed postal dispatch and will not use handling methods that could give the possibility to any person to acknowledge the content of the postal dispatch.

FAN Courier will offer 2 (two) delivery attempts and will return the postal dispatch to the address of the dispatching client by applying a tariff equal to the one way service, according to the tariff specified in the commercial offer, in a term which cannot exceed the delivery term of the respective postal dispatch and is calculated, where applicable, from the expiry date of the specified keeping period or delivery attempt, if this could not be delivered to the receiver from the following reasons:

  • The address of the receiver does not exist or if at that address there is no building where the postal dispatch could be delivered;
  • The receiver/person authorized to receive the postal dispatch was not found at the specified address and the keeping term at the contact point served by staff, expired;
  • The receiver or person authorized to take over the postal dispatch refused, where applicable, the receipt of the postal dispatch, confirmation in written, according to the legal provisions of the postal dispatch receipt, in case of receipt confirmation service or paying the value of the good which makes the object of the cash on delivery service.

If the sending customer refuses to accept the return, the shipment is kept in the FAN Courier warehouse in Chisinau for 6 (six) months. If during this time the consignor or the consignee has not claimed the consignment, it will be destroyed, according to the provisions of the legislation in force.

Except the service, FAN Courier guarantees the delivery of any internal postal dispatch under good conditions and in full confidentiality, anywhere throughout the Republic of Moldova in term of 24 (twentyfour hours), without exceeding 2 (two) working days. The delivery terms do not include legal holidays from the dispatching and/or receiving countries, force majeure and unforeseeable circumstances.

The purposes for which we collect and process personal data

SC FAN Courier SRL knows the importance of personal data and undertakes to protect their confidentiality and security.

According to the requirements of Law no. 133 of 07.07.2011 on the protection of personal data, “FAN TRANSPORTATION” S.R.L. manages, in safe conditions and only for the specified purposes, the personal data provided in the context of visiting the site and purchasing the services of “FAN TRANSPORTATION” S.R.L. under the logo “FAN Courier”.

The purposes for which we collect and process personal data

  • administering, improving and performing the services provided by the website
  • commercial sales services, including the creation, management and development of service sales on the website, customer account management, market research / studies, statistics.
  • advertising, marketing and advertising, promotions of SC FAN Courier, SRL services, promotion of promotional campaigns, transmission of newsletters (newsletters), tracking and monitoring of sales of services and consumer behavior.
  • post-sales activities, including customer service, informing users / customers about the evaluation of the services offered (including the evaluation of services on the website), improving the quality of the repair and maintenance services of the products marketed through the activity carried out in the within the Call Center service; performing service interventions, product replacements.
  • for probative purposes in connection with the above activities and archiving.

Any individual may exercise the following rights:

  • to be informed about the processing of personal data;
  • access to personal data;
  • rectification of personal data;
  • deleting (“the right to be forgotten”) of personal data;
  • to obtain restriction of processing;
  • to portability of data;
  • to oppose the processing of personal data and to request the rectification, updating or deletion of data under the law – in the case of personal data processed for direct marketing purposes, this right may be exercised at any time, free of charge and without justification;
  • not to be subject to an automated individual decision, including the creation of profiles;
  • to submit a complaint to the Supervisory Authority – National Center for Personal Data Processing (;
  • to appeal to the courts if violations of the relevant legislation have been found.

These rights can be exercised by sending an e-mail to ”FAN TRANSPORTATION” S.R.L. by accessing the contact form at in writing at the following mailing address: Chișinău, 69 Industrială Street.

For the data declared within the call center service, the duration of the data processing is 3 years, as a rule, or until the exercise of the right to object. Also, FAN Courier can store personal data for such a long period of time, for probation and archiving purposes.

The hereby document is an integrated part of the commercial offer of FAN Courier, representing the general clauses of the individual contract which will be considered signed between the dispatcher and ”FAN TRANSPORTATION” S.R.L.