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FAN Courier, now also in the Republic of Moldova

06 February 2022

✓ FAN Courier is the first Romanian courier company to extend across the Prut;
✓ The initial investment in the development of the network will amount to 3 million euros.

FAN Courier, the leader of the Romanian courier market, expands its operations in the Republic of Moldova, as part of the development strategy in Central and Eastern Europe, offering customers access to professional courier services and online stores the opportunity to expand their delivery market. Launched in mid-November 2021, the FAN Moldova network has already started enrolling the first customers and partners.

”The launch of FAN Moldova is part of FAN Courier’s long-term development strategy in Europe. The Republic of Moldova is the first country in Eastern Europe where we expand with our own operations, choosing to operate directly this time, compared to other countries where we operate through partners. In Moldova, we are the first Romanian company to offer domestic courier services, so we can talk about a new pioneer, this time externally, 23 years after the founding of FAN Courier”, said Adrian Mihai, CEO of FAN Courier.

FAN Courier is the first Romanian company offering courier services in the Republic of Moldova. The initial investment of 500,000 euros was allocated to create the basic infrastructure, the total budget allocated to the market in the Republic of Moldova being 3 million euros.

”The network is already operational; we have passed the implementation and testing phase of processes and solutions and we have started enrolling the first customers. Given the similarities between the two markets, we will offer the standard service in Romania << door-to-door >> and, during 2022, we will introduce two other services increasingly in demand in Romania – Collect Point and Delivery lockers. There are services that offer customers the ability to send shipments outside of business hours and pick up shipments independently of the courier. The development will be a gradual one, we start with 8 branches, about 30 cars and 40 employees, but, as in Romania, we will work with a mixed structure – employees and subcontractors. As demand grows, we will develop the team as well”, said Cornel Morcov, FAN Courier’s Chief Commercial Officer.

FAN Courier services are available throughout the Republic of Moldova, and deliveries will be made within the standard range valid on the local market: 24 hours. ”We expect the demand to double from one month to the next, given the novelty of the service, but also the popularity of the FAN Courier brand”, added Cornel Morcov, CCO FAN Courier.

The activity in the Republic of Moldova is managed by Luigi Vendrami, General Manager of FAN Courier Moldova, a professional with experience in the industry, who in recent years has led the operations of a multinational courier company in Romania.

FAN Courier estimates that, in the context of the e-commerce market explosion, the opening of operations in the Republic of Moldova will support, in addition to the courier activity, the development of other businesses, both in Romania and in the Republic of Moldova.